AC Service

Go-To A/C Service in College Station, TX 

It's a hot summer day, you are driving along and you go to switch on you air conditioner, when you find no cold air is coming out. The heat is overwhelming and you realize you can not drive your vehicle without proper A/C. If you are experiencing issues with your air conditioner, there is only one auto mechanic that can properly diagnose and provide A/C service in the College Station, TX area. Let the professionals at CarDoc Automotive assist you!

Not sure if you need A/C service?

If you are not sure if your A/C is experiencing issues, here are a few signs that it might be time to bring your vehicle in to CarDoc Automotive for A/C service:

• A/C makes loud noises when you switch it on
• Refrigerant or oil is leaking from your vehicle
• Your vehicle isn't cooling down

Get in Touch with Our Professional Auto Mechanics Today! 

If you are experiencing any of the signs above or are have issues with your air conditioner and are not sure why, let the professional technicians at CarDoc Automotive assist you with auto A/C repair service. We have been serving the College Station, TX area for over 17 years with the finest in auto mechanic services. To schedule A/C service at your greatest convenience, please give us a call today!
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