Brake Service

Quality Brake Service in Bryan, TX 

We all know that sound when are brakes are worn out, that grinding, metal on metal noise is the worst thing to hear when you push down on that pedal to stop your vehicle. When this happens to your vehicle and you need prompt, quality brake service at an affordable price in College Station, TX, give the professionals at CarDoc Automotive a call to schedule service. 

Signs of Bad Brakes

• Sometimes, it’s very easy to tell if your vehicle needs brake repair. If you hear a squealing or grinding noise when applying them, then it’s time. 

• If the pedal “sinks” toward the floor when applying the brakes, it could be a sign of a leak in the vehicle’s brake system. Brake fluid looks similar to motor oil, but with a less greasy texture. If you notice a pool of brake fluid under your vehicle when it’s parked, it’s time to have a look at your brakes. 

• If your vehicle pulls on one side when braking, it could mean uneven wear on your brake linings or foreign matter in the fluid itself. 

• A grinding noise typically means your vehicle’s brake pads have been completely worn down, and two pieces of metal are now rubbing together. This can cause added damage to your rotors as well. 

• Finally, a vibrating feeling when applying the brake pedal usually means warped rotors. However, it can also mean your vehicle is out of alignment. 

Give the Brake Service Professionals at CarDoc Automotive a Call Today! 

Simply put, your brake pads aren’t going to last forever, and failure to replace them when it’s time can cause added damages to your vehicle. 

Luckily, if you’re a resident of Texas’ Brazos Valley, CarDoc Automotive has you covered when it comes to brake service and auto repair in general. If you suspect any problem with your vehicle’s braking system, don’t take any chances! Driving an unsafe vehicle not only affects you, but also the others on the road around you. Make an appointment with our auto mechanic today, and we’ll have the problem fixed and your vehicle back on the road safely!  

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